Miramar Beach Pontoon Boat Rentals

Looking for a Miramar Beach pontoon boat rentals? At Marler Island Adventures, which is in Destin, just down the road from Miramar Beach, knows that every time you go out on the water, it should be a bit different. Our 39-foot pontoons can fit up to 32 people and have a bathroom, paddleboards, water toys, and more to make your trip more enjoyable.

Whether you’re planning a trip with your family, an office party, or a bachelor or bachelorette party, our Miramar Beach pontoon boat rentals are the perfect choice to make memories on the Destin Harbor or Crab Island that will last a lifetime.

Miramar Beach is famous for its beautiful beaches, emerald-green waves and big number of sea animals. Our Miramar Beach Beach pontoon boat rentals take advantage of the beautiful area, which opens up a world of beauty and fun. With easy access to the Gulf of Mexico, our Miramar Beach Beach pontoon boat rentals let you meet playful dolphins and see the beautiful natural scenery that makes up the Emerald Coast.

There are always fun things to do when a Captain is at the wheel. Your family can take a cruise around Destin Harbor, drop anchor at Crab Island to swim and relax all day, cruise around the bay while watching dolphins, or try out our one-of-a-kind sunset boat tour.

The Destin Harbor is not the o0nly fun thing to do while on our Miramar Beach Beach pontoon boat rentals, most people choose to head over to  Crab Island. At Crab Island, you can jump into the green water and swim or dive among the many different kinds of sea life. Our Captain and First Mate are always on board to help you and make sure you are safe, which will make your stay even better.

Miramar Beach Pontoon Boat Rentals Dolphin Cruises and Sunset Cruises

Miramar Beach has a large population of playful dolphins and our dolphin tours are a magical way to see these beautiful animals up close. Get on one of our Miramar Beach pontoon boat rentals and let our experienced Captain lead you. They know a lot about dolphins and where they live. Keep an eye out for these friendly sea creatures as they swim and play in their natural environment as you cruise along the beautiful water.

Capture priceless moments as dolphins move alongside your boat, leaping through the water and leaving you in awe of their beauty and grace. Our dolphin cruises are a truly immersive and educational way to learn more about these intelligent animals and their marine surroundings.

So, if you are staying in Miramar Beach and are looking for a our Miramar Beach pontoon boat rentals company, you will have to travel over to Destin. You can’t go to Destin without going to the famous Crab Island. This lively beach near the entrance to Choctawhatchee Bay offers a fun, relaxing, and entertaining way to spend time in the water. Jump into the clear waters for a refreshing swim, try paddle boarding or swimming, or just sit back on the pontoon boat rental and enjoy the lively atmosphere. 

  • Paddle boards
  • Bathroom on board
  • Water floats
  • Snorkle gear
  • Shuttle pickup
  • Captain driven